Xilitla and its surreal garden

Xilitla and his surreal garden

Xilitla and its surreal garden

A place in the middle of the tropical jungle of the Huasteca Potosina, where among its green foliage and crossing crystal clear waters, you will see how beautiful surrealist buildings stand out. Impossible to describe so much beauty in just a few words, impossible not to see the images and wish to be able to visit that place. Impossible to miss it if you come to visit San Luis Potosí.

What is the History of the Surrealist Garden?

This earthly paradise was brought to life by a poet, an artist (with lots of money): Sir Edward James, an Englishman born in 1907 who came to America in 1947 because of the war. When he arrived at the Huasteca Potosina he could not do anything but fall in love with his natural landscapes. Thanks to his fortune he was able to buy a large area of ​​land in Las Pozas, initially he wanted to have a fantastic orchid garden, but the weather ended up destroying his dream.

He then decided to create plants and trees that could not be destroyed by time, which is why he erected 36 surrealist concrete sculptures in almost 20 hectares of jungle. Some of his main sculptures are El Cinematógrafo, La Cabaña de Don Eduardo, La Casa del Venado, La Casa de los Flamingos, La Casa del Ocelote, The Way of the 7 Deadly Sins, The Hunting of the Pericos, Las Pozas and the Palace of Bamboo.

All with a unique architectural style, which will transport you to another site, to that plane that can only be visited in dreams.


The hot weather is not a problem, I recommend that you wear light clothes, tennis, swimsuit (if you want to swim). Load with mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

How to get to Pozas de Xilitla or El Jardín Surrealista?

From San Luis Potosí

You must take the San Luis Potosí-Matehuala highway, approximately 62 km. you will find the deviation towards the population of Río Verde (road 70).

In Rio Verde and before entering the center of the town, you will find the exit to San Ciro de Acosta and arriving to this you will take the road to the town of Jalpan de Sierra. From there you can locate the road to Xilitla where you will arrive after crossing a semi-desert mountain range, then go down to a low jungle area.

The approximate distance is 414 km and the time to arrive is about 5 hrs.

From Mexico City

You can take Highway 57 heading to the City of Querétaro. Passing the second house (Palmillas) and a few kilometers away you will find the exit to Tequisquiapan-San Juan del Río. From there you take the 120 federal highway in the direction of Jalpan de Serra. Once in Jalpan de Serra you should continue on the Chimalco-Jalpan road until you reach Xilitla.

The approximate distance is 422 km and the arrival time is 8 hrs.

As you can see, «Las Pozas de Xilitla» offers you an experience full of emotions, that will captivate each and every one of your senses, while the sound, the colors, the aromas and the vision of the jungle and these constructions is something that is worth it’s worth living


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