Mexico offers numerous options for national and international tourism. Although many people associate leisure and vacations with the beach, others prefer rivers, mountains and fresh water falls. All that is in the Huasteca Potosina in a spectacular combination. If you already know this wonderful region of Mexico, you know it is a paradise that everyone should know.

Maybe you’re planning the trip and you’ve probably already told all your family and friends how wonderful this area of ​​the country is. But if you are part of the unfortunate who have not yet stepped on these lands, here we will give you some reasons to do so.



The Huasteca Potosina covers an extensive region in San Luis Potosí, and extends through several towns, including Ciudad Valles, Xilitla, Tamazunchale and Taquín, among others. This breadth of terrain, gives the region a variety of landscapes that highlight the presence of turquoise water courses with major falls or waterfalls. Among them are the Tamul waterfalls, the Micos waterfalls, the Tampaón river, the Gallinas river and more.

On the other hand, the action of the water generated curious formations in the stones, such as the unmissable Puente de Dios, a natural cavernous formation near the waterfalls of Tamasopo. Other unique places are the Sótano de las Golondrinas, an impressive subterranean cave in Aquismón.



The tourist attractions of the Huasteca Potosina are concentrated in small towns scattered throughout this region. But, at the same time, distances to larger cities are short. For example, from the town of Aquismón, you can access Ciudad Vallés in less than an hour to the north, a city where you will find shops and services of all kinds



When you visit the Huasteca, you will get a beautiful memory of its tourist attractions, but you will also keep an excellent impression of the local people. Hospitality and kindness are highlighted in the treatment of the locals towards tourists. This region still preserves native inhabitants descendants of the Huasteca people, so you will find stalls selling tenek crafts throughout the area, especially the beautiful embroidery.


The services and activities

The supply of services is abundant in the Huasteca Potosina region. Among the accommodations, you will find hotels, hostels, cabins and even camping areas, which configure options for all tastes and budgets. In addition, in Ciudad Vallés you can rent a car to travel the roads with greater freedom. If the rent of cars does not fit into your budget, there are public and private transports that connect the towns with each other, as well as tours with guides that will tell you the history and curiosities of each place.

In addition, those interested in extreme sports will find the ideal geographical environment to practice a wide variety of them: rappel, rafting, kayaking and other.


The Food

Another of the great attractions to visit a place is its food. The gastronomic options of the area include traditional dishes such as bocoles and drinks such as the Aquismón rasps. The particular way of preparing them, added to the dedication and ingredients, there is a flavor combo that you can not miss during your visit.

Now that you know the reasons to visit the Huasteca Potosina, do not wait any longer and start planning your next trip. Prepare to meet a natural paradise that you will not want to leave.

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