Tourist attractions in The Huasteca Potosina

Tourist attractions in The Huasteca Potosina - 1

Tourist attractions in The Huasteca Potosina

If you want to spend unforgettable days Huasteca potosina has many tourist places ideal for the enjoyment of the whole family, from the smallest to the largest. This region stands out for having quite amazing, beautiful and fun places that you will forget completely that boredom exists.

The Huasteca Potosina is a place that has many natural beauties such as: amazing waterfalls, great rivers, vegetation, agriculture, fauna. What makes this splendid place stand out, also has an ideal view for lovers of photography taking advantage of this natural paradise, which you really would not want to leave.


4 options of tourist places to visit in Huasteca Potosina

Waterfall of micos

This place offers visitors or tourists various alternatives of activities ideal for the unequal tastes of people, where you can practice various hobbies in a tour that will leave you spellbound. Because this territory has incredible landscapes, it is worth mentioning that there are 7 stepped waterfalls that are part of the place. The crystal clear water has some beautiful tones of color like turquoise, due to the minerals with which these waters count. Visitors can enjoy an entertaining walk, navigating the beautiful waterfalls enjoying the songs of the most beautiful birds that this area has.

Sotano de las golondrinas

It is a natural wonder a bottomless abyss, considered by many people as one of the most beautiful places on the planet earth, in this majestic place you can enjoy different activities such as paddling, fishing and sailing. In addition to entertaining watching the different birds that inhabit this place. If you are a lover of nature and natural phenomena you will be delighted to know this tourist place of Huasteca Potosina.

Huasteco Regional Museum

It is an ideal place for lovers of religion, where materials that allow you to enter knowledge and learn more about the Huasteca culture are exhibited. This museum has several pieces and among them we can highlight a shell pectoral representing the Mexican god of the wind, and diverse figures of mud that are similar to yoga among the prehispanic population. This great museum is open to the public from approximately 30 years.


Tamul Waterfall

It is a beautiful waterfall that reaches about 300 meters wide with a drop of 105 meters, is one of the largest waterfalls in the state and one of the most beautiful waterfalls you have ever seen. In this waterfall you can enjoy activities such as: hiking, abseiling, mountain biking and much more. This waterfall is formed by the river Gallinas that is thrown on the Santa María river. With incredible turquoise waters where you can ride an inflatable and delighting in the beautiful landscape and take a good photo, to always remember this wonderful place which you will surely return for a second adventure or maybe a third adventure.

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