It is a place that should be on your list to travel alone, as a family, as a couple or as a friend. It also has very quiet places ideal for traveling with children. Forget about a beach vacation and come and enjoy one of the best cheap destinations and where you will undoubtedly enjoy an incredible and happy summer vacation

Mexico is a country rich in beautiful landscapes and destinations of great tourist attraction. Undoubtedly, the variety of attractive destinations offered by the Aztec country means that tourists from both the interior of the republic and visitors from other countries of the world can find a wide range of options to spend their vacations to the maximum according to their tastes.

One of the richest states in terms of gastronomy, culture and enjoying a wide list of natural landscapes full of magic and brightness is San Luis Potosí. Located in the center of Mexico, San Luis Potosí has ​​become one of the most frequented places by visitors from all parts of the country and abroad, because due to its four regions, the State enjoys a cultural and climatic diversity in its extension, and this allows the visitor to experience different adventures depending on the region they like to visit.

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Among the four regions of the state, one stands out in particular that is the most preferred by national and foreign visitors. we present the Huasteca Potosina, a place qualified by many as a splendid site for its landscapes and lush vegetation, because its variety of rivers and spectacular waterfalls, its caves, deep abysses, and of course the magic of its archaeological sites make anyone who visit, stay deeply in love and with the desire to return, plus it is an excellent destination where it is possible to travel cheap because its costs of accommodation, restaurants and crafts are incredibly low compared to other tourist destinations

The main city of the huasteca region is Ciudad Valles, which because of its location and because it has a large number of services, for example: Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Entertainment Centers and so on, is known as La Puerta Grande de the Huasteca Potosina

Being the most important city at the level of tourism in the State and the third at a general level, Ciudad Valles is the 100% mandatory destination in which you have to stop if you want to take a trip to know the fascinating Huastec paradise and enjoy rural tourism.

Another municipality of great interest in the Huasteca is undoubtedly Xilita, also known as La Perla de la Huasteca Potosina, Xilitla is a wonderful town located in the Sierra Madre Oriental and in the southeastern part of the state, despite its narrow streets and It is not such a big town, in Xilitla you will be able to find the basic services for the visitor such as Hotels, Restaurants and tourist service.

Xilitla and his surreal garden
Xilitla and his surreal garden

Among the wonders that this fascinating place gives us, they highlight the Surrealist Garden of Edward James and the Pools of Xilitla, places full of magic and fantasy that make enjoy a pleasant experience to all those who step on their floors.

Among the different sites that can be visited in the Huasteca to enjoy a great adventure highlights the municipality of Tamasopo, where you will find impressive waterfalls, rivers, pools, canyons among other wonders of nature worthy of admiration and immortalization, besides that in the town of Tamasopo you will find services such as some hotels, restaurants and tourist services that will make the stay more comfortable and pleasant.

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