The strategic location of the State, to the center of the country, facilitates its terrestrial connectivity and aerial.

Plateau Region

The Altiplano Potosino invites you to immerse yourself in the magic and mysticism of semi-desert of Potosí, when touring its old mining towns, routes of products and gastronomy like no other, health and wisdom that is born from the earth. Each name, each village, are like murmurs in this sea of ​​infinite sand, stories of formidable streaks that were suspended in the time, dreams of gold and silver of each adventurer.

Deer and Moctezuma the culture and tradition always present, Cedral, sweet cajeta cravings. Salinas full of history, Villa de Ramos mysticism and religiosity, Guadalcázar with its museum of sacred art and its old cobbled streets Charcas and its vein of liquid gold when distilling handmade mezcal as taught by los padres carmelitas 400 years ago. In the middle of the desert where a Cathedral surprises for its style Romanesque-Byzantine, the tradition was born, making Matehuala the Cradle of the Kid.

A cobblestone path and a centennial tunnel take us to a magical village dream of gambusinos, Promised Land for bohemians and lovers of freedom: Real de Catorce.


Central Region

In the Central Region, the birthplace of illustrious people, pioneers and inventors, with its corridor of estates; healing water mirrors, its  majestic rise in the city of San Luis Potosí that is entangled in his pledge

artisan of great prosapia: the rebozo of silk of Santa Maria. Known as “the world capital of the rebozo”, this small city is very Attractive for its architecture, its tree-lined streets and friendly people. Another place you can not miss is Cerro de San Pedro: In this town almost ghost was the first settlement of what is now San Luis

Potosí., Dynamism and life are given by weekend visitors who they will enjoy a quiet day, going through the nostalgic streets or making mountain bike tours. Three points of interest are the parish of San Pedro Apóstol, the temple of San Nicolás and the mining museum. 40 minutes from the capital is Armadillo de los Infante, a charming town, with its narrow and cobbled streets.

You can walk to the top of the town where it is possible to observe its two temples with high domes, the one of La Purísima Concepción and the one of Guadalupe, to then descend through a paradise of colorful architecture. You can enjoy a variety of restaurants with typical dishes and exquisite taste that only in this destination you will be able to find.

The Huasteca Potosina

Exuberant by nature, gives all the possible sensations to the senses, caves, abysses, waterfalls and bodies of water, in the midst of an explosion of colors and flavors, lives an eternalparty with its huapanguera tradition. From Ciudad Valles to San Martín, from Tamasopo to Tanquián, from Aquismón to Naranjo, the Huasteca potosina is vibrant and passionate, it is culture, tradition and challenging nature.

Heirs of ancestral knowledge, the vestiges of the archaeological zones they speak of the greatness of their ancestry, in the mountains at the top, a Magical town wrapped between clouds awaits you with its Augustinian convent and a surrealist sculptural museum that keeps the desires of the adventurer whose dreams turned into wings and harmony orchestrate a symphony infinite … Xilitla.

Cascadas de Tamul
Cascadas de Tamul

The Middle Region

Its viceregal jewel Alaquines, aroma of orange blossoms they perfume the paths that lead to the vestiges of their haciendas. Splendor and richness in the baroque art of its ancient temples as Pastora, contrast with the simplicity of the maximum ceremonial center of a live culture: Los Pames and Santa María Acapulco. Region for adventurers who seek the extreme challenge in their Serrana surroundings that seek to be explored, Lagunillas and the river Pinihuán await you.

The old railway tracks, tell us about the importance of Cárdenas and the historic Valle del Maíz, in Rioverde and Ciudad Fernández the warmth and the clarity of a prehistoric lagoon, is a pretext for diving, with favorable sites that combine sport fishing activities, or the discovery of caves that are a challenge for cavers, the spring of the Media Luna.

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