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  • Hacienda el Detalle, Cantinflas, Ciudad Valles

    Huasteca Region

    Ciudad Valles is a city of San Luis Potosi, it is located to the east of the state, in the Huasteca e Region, on the banks of the Tampaon River, also popularly known as Rio Valles. It is an important commercial, tourist agricultural and livestock center. Its proximity to the Sierra del Abra-Tanchipa and the […] More

  • Rafting Huasteca Potosina
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    Extreme Sports to practice in the Huasteca Potosina

    The Huasteca Potosina region is known for its unparalleled beauty, its particular geography and its unique landscapes. Visiting la huasteca, allows you to thoroughly discover the corners of this area of Mexico. The forms adopted by both the earth’s crust and the rivers that plow Huasteca Potosina, make it a place for those who seek […] More

  • 10 tourist places in the Huasteca Potosina and surroundings - 2

    10 tourist places in the Huasteca Potosina and surroundings

    You want to go to the Huasteca Potosina. That part has been clear to you. However, do you ¬†know that the Huasteca region is wide? You won’t be able to visit everything. You will have to choose. Luckily, the Huasteca Potosina is one of the best places for tourism, in Mexico. Even, a few consider […] More