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Extreme Sports to practice in the Huasteca Potosina

Rafting Huasteca Potosina

The Huasteca Potosina region is known for its unparalleled beauty, its particular geography and its unique landscapes. Visiting la huasteca, allows you to thoroughly discover the corners of this area of Mexico. The forms adopted by both the earth’s crust and the rivers that plow Huasteca Potosina, make it a place for those who seek adventure tourism in Mexico.

Those who love alternative sports and also, why not, those who are curious with a desire to experiment, will find a varied offer of them when it comes to practicing extreme sports in Mexico.

#1 Rafting

Rafting Huasteca Potosina

Another of the sports that take advantage of the characteristics of the rivers in the area, especially the Tampaón river. It consists of crossing the rivers in the direction of the current, that is, downstream. Rafting is practiced aboard a boat that allows several people to participate, each with its oar and has different levels according to the particularities of the river in which it is practiced.

The Santa Maria river and the Micos river are class III, while the Tampaón, being class II, it allows the participation for beginners. There are different requirements and recommendations when practicing this sport. Pay attention to your guide's invitation.

#2 Kayaking

Kayak Huasteca Potosina

For those who are not familiar, kayaking is a sport that is practiced in a boat that is propelled with a two-sided paddle. In the kayak can go one, two or three people. Some define the Huasteca Potosina as the "kayak paradise", because of the possibilities that its geography gives to the practitioners of this sport. It is carried out, for example, in the Micos and Tampaon rivers, and there are different types of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

As always, it is advisable to follow the indications of the connoisseurs of the area when carrying out the activity, and comply with all safety requirements.

#3 Hiking

Hiking - 1

Hiking is an activity that has many benefits: it is excellent for the organism, it adapts to different ages and physical conditions, and allows you to get to know the landscapes more thoroughly, crossing ancient paths, discovering the particularities of the local flora and fauna . It also allows taking unique photographs from locations that are only accessed by walking.

The different hiking tours offered here can include a visit to the Edward James Garden, bird watching and a visit regional food stores to regain strength. For a hiking tour, do not forget to bring sunscreen,a hat and water.

#4 Ziplining

Ziplining is another extreme sports activity in Mexico that consists of a pulley supported by cables, which are mounted along a slope or inclination. They are designed so that the body is driven by the action of gravity and can slide from the top to the bottom, using a cable that can be made of stainless steel. The landscapes of the Huasteca Potosina are ideal for this kind of adventure tourism in Mexico.

#5 Rappel

Rappeling is a system of descending through vertical surfaces. In tourism for adventure, it is a system widely used to descend through mountains. In addition, it is usually done in combination with other activities such as mountaineering and hiking.

Some of the special places to rappel in this area are the waterfalls of Tamul and Minas Viejas.

Visiting the town market of Ciudad Valles, SLP - 2

Visiting the town market of Ciudad Valles, SLP

Hacienda el Detalle, Cantinflas, Ciudad Valles

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