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  • El Trampolin, Tamasopo

    Towns of the Huasteca Potosina

    Xilitla Located between hills, with steep streets, some cobblestones, make Xilitla a different place in the Huasteca The ex-convent of San Agustín, built in 1557, is the oldest Hispanic building in Potosi territory. The Holy Week; the patron saint festival of San Agustín, at the end of August, and the Coffee Fair, In November, they […] More

  • Cascadas de Tamul

    San Luis Potosi, Your destiny by nature!

    The strategic location of the State, to the center of the country, facilitates its terrestrial connectivity and aerial. Plateau Region The Altiplano Potosino invites you to immerse yourself in the magic and mysticism of semi-desert of Potosí, when touring its old mining towns, routes of products and gastronomy like no other, health and wisdom that […] More