The town of Aquismón

Tamul Waterfall, Aquismon, San Luis Potosi

The town of Aquismón

The town of Aquismón in the huasteca potosina, tours in san luis potosí, Aquismón. This town is one of the main towns in the Huasteca Potosina region. Its location offers services added to its natural landscapes and the warmth of its inhabitants make it a must for travelers traveling through this beautiful area of ​​Mexico.

How to  get to Aquismon San Luis Potosí

From San Luis Potosí

If you have decided to travel by plane, or your starting point is the city of San Luis Potosí, you must drive for 4 hours on the road that joins this city with Ciudad Valles, and then follow the route indicated below.


From Ciudad Valles

On Federal Highway 85, drive south for about an hour. This route is surrounded by autochthonous vegetation. You will find the junction that takes you to Aquismón on your right, announced by signs that welcome you. Enter and drive for a few more minutes until you reach the town.


From Xilitla

If you arrive from the south, you must first take Highway 120, which then intersects with Federal Highway 85. It is a route of just over 40 kilometers that you can do in less than an hour.


What to look for in this town

One of the first things you will find is the town square, with food stalls and souvenirs. There are places to stay, but do not look for luxuries. If you want a hotel or rentals with category, you should look at larger cities. From here, different tours depart to the natural attractions of the area.


Places to visit in Aquismón

The swallow’s basement

One of the most amazing places in the Huasteca is this cave with an entrance diameter of 60 meters and almost 400 meters deep. It is reached after a walk and there is the option to descend in rappel towards the interior. As it descends through the cavern, the width of it widens until it reaches the bottom, where the ground is 300 meters long.

Those who visit Aquismón, can not miss the opportunity to see the birds that inhabit the “basement”: parrots and swifts Apus Apus.

In addition to rappel, some daring people are encouraged to bungee jumping at the entrance of the cave. This extreme sport consists of jumping from the heights fastened to an elastic rope with the other end attached to the starting point.


The Tamul Waterfall

To approach the Tamul waterfall and appreciate all its beauty, you must rent a boat. There are different companies that provide this service, and you have the option of a private and a shared boat. In the second case you will save some money and you will have the opportunity to meet other travelers. It is a good option for those looking for adventures and new friends.

It is impossible to describe the beauty of this place, you have to visit it. The moment when the boats arrive at the waterfall is very special. The waterfalls have a height of 105 meters and an impressive width that reaches 300 meters, which makes it the most spectacular waterfall in Mexico. The color of the waters of the Tampaón River and the vegetation that surrounds the entire area crown the magic of this paradisiacal place.


This region of the Huasteca gives us its natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty, thank you for taking care of the cleanliness of the place and respecting its inhabitants.


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