An area that has natural beauties such as: Rivers, waterfalls, vegetation and agriculture that highlight this wonderful place, with great landscapes for lovers of good “selfies” Without hesitation there are many places to visit in Huasteca Potosina because it is one of the best places you can visit in Mexico of which you will be splendidly in love, and in which if you doubt someone will want to return for a second evening.

The places to visit in Huasteca Potosina are many, this has 20 Municipalities such as: Ciudad Valles (also called the “Gateway to the Huasteca” Potosina”), and Tamazunchale, which stand out as the largest and most important of the area, among others.


1) Waterfall of Micos

It is one of the most visited of the place, because it has various alternatives activities, that this place offers to visitors or tourists. In this wonderful place within the Huasteca Potosina you can practice various pastimes in a journey that It will leave you speechless because it has incredible landscapes. It should be noted that there are 7 staggered waterfalls that are part of the place, with beautiful colors like turquoise, due to the minerals contained in the waterfalls. Passengers can enjoy an entertaining and exciting ride, browsing in narrow canyon with the most beautiful birds in the area.

2) Puente de Dios

Better known as “blue pool”, it is a beautiful and wonderful emblematic place whose name says it all. It is the most charming place in the “sierra gorda”, which has a large amount of vegetation and microclimates, offers various sites ideal for an escape for a weekend and it’s perfect if you want to impress someone. Some of the main attractions of the location; is the perfect vegetation that hugs with an intense green, in which can be observed wonderful species such as: Birds, insects, jaguars among others.

3) Sotano de las Golondrinas

Located in the State of San Luis Potosís. It is a bottomless abyss in which a unique ecosystem that makes it an ideal site for nature lovers; In we can delight in this location with the observation of flora and fauna in its habitat. It’s considered by many as the most beautiful place on the planet.

Where you can enjoy activities such as: Sailing, paddling and fishing. In this historic place he lives birds like: swallows, cave parrots among others. The best thing happens when you’re wonderful birds begin to sing their gustín, which is the oldest building in the whole State. It is the last place to visit in Huatesca Potosina from our list, however they are many more places that are offered in this great community glorious songs.

Basement of Swallows, Aquismon, San Luis Potosi
Basement of Swallows, Aquismon, San Luis Potosi

4) Huasteco Regional Museum

It has been open for almost 30 years and is a popular place to visit in Huasteca Potosina, it is special for lovers of religion and the materials that are exhibited in this place allow to enter the knowledge of Huasteca culture. The pieces are diverse, however a pectoral of shells stand out, representing the Mexican god of the wind; although the various figures of mud that are similar to yoga among the prehispanic population. Inside the small museum we can find a great exhibition hall, a public library and a conference room.

5) Xilitla, San Luis Potosí

It is a paradisiacal place to put in mind words like: magic, surrealism and exuberance. It is the typical place where the hours pass between blue skies, aromas of coffee and the whisper of waterfall. There is no other perfect place where nature and man complement in such an extraordinary and perfect way. In this town it’s worth the visit to the Ex Convent of San Agustin.


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